1337x Proxy October 2018 – 1337x Unblocked & Mirror Sites List (100% Working)

1337x is one of the best torrent websites that provide the users to access blocked content online. This website has an exceptional community. Most of the uploaders offer direct torrents through this website. If you are a great adorer of movies, music, TV shows, software, and other games then, 1337x.to is the perfect website. In the recent times, some of the countries and the internet service providers have started banning this website.

As this site provides unauthorized content, the Government and ISPs block this website in different countries. Still, you are seeking to access such content and the blocked websites then, you can find the best 1337x proxy and mirror unblocked sites list provided below. In this post, we have come up with a massive list of the working 1337x mirror and proxy sites list 2018. Have a glimpse!

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1337x Proxy & Unblocked/Mirror Torrent Sites

There are numerous alternatives to access 1337x.to the website even in the countries wherein a ban is implemented on such sites. One of the best ways is to use the VPN servers and third-party proxy websites online. If you are accessing the web then, you definitely require a safe and secure connection for using the torrents. Even if the ISPs or the Government bans the torrent sites, we are here to help you in accessing them right from your PC. Due to some server access issues and problems, people might face issues in accessing the 1337x website. It doesn’t indicate that the website or the torrent has been blocked.

In case, you visit the same website from the Incognito mode of your browser, you might be able to access it. If your browser displays the message on the screen as ‘the authority to access the site is blocked by your ISP or government’ then, it indicates that the torrent has been blocked. You don’t have to worry about this problem. In such a situation, you can confirm it by opening the 1337x website from your mobile device. The reason is that some of the mobile phones use a different protocol. It helps the users to check whether the torrent has been blocked permanently or not without any hassle.

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Why 1337x Torrent Site Gets Blocked?

Most of the people may not have a clear understanding of the blockage of the torrent sites by the Government or the internet service providers. There are some valid reasons for this ban on torrent sites. Before that, you need to know some elements such as security, piracy, privacy, copyright infringement, and other legal things. In general, a torrent website comprises numerous files.

This particular inclusion of such files is considered as the copyright violation, security issues on PC, piracy issues and other legal obligations in the nation. That’s the major reason behind blocked the torrent sites in most of the countries. In case, you aren’t ready to handle the legal charges then, you can access the 1337x torrent site through a virtual private network [VPN] or the 1337x torrent proxy. There are numerous 1337x mirror or proxy sites for such torrents listed below in this post to unblock the websites.Also check Apps like Netflix

1337x Proxy & Mirror Sites List 2018:

One of the best ways to access the torrent website is with the help of a virtual private network. This VPN has the ability to hide your IP address and show it as some other address. Most of the folks utilize these proxy or mirror sites as they don’t drag them into legal issues. Some of the best VPN apps that help the users to access the blocked websites include NordVPN, Buffred VPN, PureVPN, Private Internet Access and ExpressVPN. Here is a list of the best working 1337x Proxy & Mirror Sites List that you can access from your device:

1337x Proxy & Mirror Site Name Status Speed
Filesdownloader.com Online Super Fast
Sitenable.pw Online Super Fast
Sitenable.ch Online Super Fast
Sitenable.co Online Super Fast
Freeanimesonline.com Online Super Fast
Freeproxy.io Online Super Fast
Sitenable.top Online Super Fast
Siteget.net Online Super Fast
Sitenable.info Online Super Fast

Final Words:

That’s all! Here ends the list of the topmost working 1337x proxy and mirror unblocked sites online. The users may not be able to access these unblocked websites in the countries where they are banned or blocked. Such users can access these sites through VPN or other unblocked servers. Hope this guide has helped you in the best way to access different blocked websites with much ease. For more doubts and queries, just ask us through the comments section. Stay tuned to this website for more related torrent articles and posts on proxy and mirror sites.

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