11 Fun Ways To Kill The Time While Waiting

They often say good things happen when you wait. But have you imagined yourself waiting for long hours in any queue or standing in a long line to get a movie ticket? Or maybe waiting inside the airport or railway station? Waiting doesn’t seem an easy task at all. At times, waiting becomes very strenuous and monotonous.

There are various ways to beat your boredom and kill the time while you wait. Below are 11 fun ways how you can kill your boredom while waiting.

1)    Playing Online Games    

The best way to kill your boredom without disturbing others is by playing online games. There are various online easy games according to your preference that are available in Google Play or App store in IOS. You may use your mobile data or Wi-Fi for downloading such online games. You can check the top listed games there and download according to your choice.

2)    Walk Or Take A Stroll

For example, you have an hour to wait for something or someone, the best thing is to walk around and kill your time. Utilize that time by exploring different roads or maybe strolling around with your pet. You can play or run with your pet around the parks and have fun at the same time, and it helps to kill your boring time too. You can also spend some time exercising if you want to transform your time into a beneficial activity.

3)    Call Up Or Catch Up With Your Friend

In the busy schedule of life and work we often get no time to meet or call our friends. If you are in the middle of waiting for something, then make this time worth it. Call up that old friend with whom you haven’t spoken for a couple of months.

Put your mobile phone in a mobile phone holder and fix a conference video call with your friends or cousins while you go through a waiting time. This is an excellent fun way, and this will surely make you feel excited. You can also plan to meet her/him for a coffee or something.

4)    Reading

There is a great proverb “A book is always a man’s best friend.” Next time you’re traveling or waiting inside the airport or station, invest time in reading books or articles. You can spend your time reading current affairs through the newspaper. According to your point of interest, you can buy or carry your reading material and kill boredom.

5)    Research On The Internet

In the advanced era of technology, we are blessed to have the internet with us. Anytime you feel bored, or it can be any mood, simply login to the internet and research. You can select any topic according to your mood or preference and search it and enhance your knowledge. Even when you think of purchasing any product, you may simply check the reviews and spend your time effectively.

6)    Listen To Your Favorite Song

Plug in your headset while waiting in a queue and press that play button of your music list. Listening to music is a great therapy which relaxes your mind and soothes your soul anytime and any mood you are in. You can play your music according to your mood and enjoy and this will help you to get rid of boredom nicely.

7) Plan A Trip

 When you have to wait for your semester to get over and you are stuck in between studies and boredom always think about what you can do after the semester. This thought will give you a very positive vibe.

 For example, when you are in between your semester or work, but you have planned with your friends a road trip after exams/weekend. The thought of that trip will automatically make you happy. If anytime you are waiting, you can easily check the availability of hotels or road direction and go on trips. Solo trips or with friends both are fun in their own way.

8) Social Media 

Various social networking sites always help us to transmit our boredom to our friends and families. Even they help us to find new friends. This can be fun and interesting too. Few social media apps like Facebook also provide you with information about your nearby friends depending on your location.

You can scroll your friend’s news feed and check their daily updates while getting bored. You can also click aesthetic pictures or selfies and put them on your Instagram feed while you are on a break or waiting.

9) Meditate

Meditation is a healthy method for passing your time or boredom if you are at home. You can simply close your eyes and inhale and exhale slowly for few times. Then you can focus on any particular point and meditate. Meditation helps in calming stress and keeps you balanced.

10) Watch Online Movies

Netflix is an excellent app for watching various kind of movies based on your preference. You can also watch short films on YouTube. Watching a movie while you are waiting for something and killing your boredom can be a good way of passing your time. Depending on your taste watch movies on Tv or online and have a fun time while waiting for something.

11) Sleep

Last but not least to kill your boredom can be sleeping. Take a nap break during your waiting hours and get energized. Sleeping can help your mind to get relaxed and also energizes your body. The more you sleep you are away from the boredom, and it will benefit your lifestyle as well. Easily lie down and take that sleep break for yourself.


According to the famous proverb “Time and Tide waits for none,” we should always calculate time and work accordingly. During our break or waiting period, we can easily utilize the time in some beneficial activities. These activities can be anything which can relax you and keep you happy. Whenever you get free time to involve yourself in some activities and divert your mind. This will not only kill your boredom but also will help you calm your stress.

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